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Wahroonga Preparatory School

Wahroonga Preparatory School is nestled between the St Johns Uniting Church Group (NSW), a highly significant State Heritage listed group of buildings 
The aims and objectives of the design brief included needs to ameliorate and enrich the school environment primarily for the children that inhabit the space; to adaptively reuse the school building while having minimal or no impact on the heritage significance of the Church and hall complex and its setting, bringing together a history of renovations into a cohesive aesthetic. The adapted building should respect and retain the heritage significance of the group while adding a contemporary layer that provides value for the future.

Project Type: Educational Facility
Client Contact & Reference: Mrs Margret Mead (School Principal)
Project Architect: Derek Raithby 
Planner: Glendinning Minto & Associates

Heritage Advisor:  NBRS+Partners
Structural & Civil:  Eclipse Consulting Engineers
Hydraulic & Traffic: Martens & Associates Pty Ltd
Electrical Engineer: Crowley Consulting Pty Ltd

Fire: Paramount Fire Consultants
Energy: Partners Energy
BCA: BCA Insight

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