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Derek Raithby Architecture (DRA) is a Sydney-based design studio specialising in residential, commercial and education developments. Our design philosophy is realised through a collaborative approach between the design team, client and other consultancies to ensure a successful outcome for every project.


Our success is a result of our innovation in design through careful planning, cutting-edge technology and a willingness to think outside the box. This ensures we provide an architectural solution that not only fulfils the client and architects vision, but also the functional reality of the build. Our firm is committed to producing architectural designs that consider the life cycle of the building in its setting, as well as the social, cultural and economic framework of the clients vision.


After consideration of these elements, strategic design initiatives are developed which direct passive use of the buildings’ mechanical, electrical, thermal and water consumption. This process allows us to deliver workable and sustainable designs which provide not only a reduction of operating costs but also efficient construction, system longevity and increased user comfort and productivity.

Our architectural services include design, documentation, interior design, project management and contract administration, 3D visualisations and animations, as well as other general services and consulting.

The Architects Code of Professional Conduct

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